Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Happened?

What ever happened to those great Nickelodeon cartoons I watched as a child? You know, the ORIGINAL Rugrats, Rocket Power, Agh! Real Monsters!, Jimmy Neutron, The Wild Thornberrys, Angry Beavers!, CatDog, Doug, and of course Hey Arnold!

I'm not saying all of these were smashing success's, but considering how many episodes so many of these shows had, you would think they would at some point make a comeback.

I Especially miss Rocket Power, You know, Otto, Sam, Reggie, Twister, Tito, & of course Raymundo.

Show's like My Wife & Kids, and Everybody Hates Chris, they aren't bad, but they just don't hold the same status in my heart as these original childhood favorites.
Many of these can be found online, and someday when I have kids, I'm going to have them watch the shows I did growing up.

What do you think? What shows did you mindlessly spend hours watching as a kid?


  1. I miss my childhood cartoons but I am ok with them not being around anymore. I fear what they would have became. They tried to bring back Rugrats with Rugrats All Grown up which was alright but killed it for me, and have you seen the most recent Spongebob episodes? Most of them are terrible.

  2. Are you afraid of the dark was the Twilight Zone of our generation. Amazing show, I still surf for old episodes from time to time

  3. @Davoh, agreed. The new Spongebob episodes are nothing but straight up afterschool specials

    @Fortune, Sadly I started to get really into this show during it's final season

  4. My childhood was filles with cartoons! from the good old slapstick in looney toons, to the amazing shows of nick. I loved catdog as a kid, I really did, angry beavers was ok... But tier 1 was arnold, oh how I miss that one ='(

  5. football head was my favorite

  6. I liked Fartville the most. It had great slapfart comedy that just blew chunks in my pants. I remember one episode where Dadfart said to Momfart "ppppfffffttt" I about blew chunks in my pants.