Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apologies & Epicness

Sorry everyone for taking so long to post again. I've been trying to average at least two a day.

The reason for my slowness has been from a very good day!

Today was the college awards ceremony where I was recognised as a Chapter, District, and State SkillsUSA Officer, (Running for Nationals), Program Excellence, and a Character Award :D

Afterwards, I spent some time celebrating with family in attendance for the ceremony, and then good friends. My Resident Advisor (We'll call him Gerber) was cleaning out his freezer and massively bar-be-qued for all of us!

Afterwards we got the whole dorm to go Bike Riding out back of the college, and had a few Epic Moments (Attaching a few pics below)

We found a can of Ether in some abandoned bigrig trucks and even two fourwheelers in the back of a Trailer. (Still debating on going back for the tires)
In a small town like this, any entertainment is golden XD


Again, I apologize for my lateness. Will try to post in the next couple of days, but asking for your patience as Friday & Saturday I'm attending multiple workshops for State Leadership Training.

Always appreciate everyone's support, and try to return the favor whenever possible.

Good Night to all!

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The Fountain of Youth!

In other news, Google is working hard on developing it's latest Android Kernel (4.0), officially dubbed "Ice Cream"

Android will be keeping in line with it’s tradition to keep desserts close to it’s name.

Past versions of the OS include 2.2, which was dubbed “Froyo,”

short for Frozen Yogurt. The tradition goes way back for Android, starting with Android 1.5 (Cupcake)
Android 1.6 (Donut)
Android 2.0 / 2.1 (Eclair)
Android 2.3 (GingerBread)

and Android 3.0 (HoneyComb!)

As of yet, Android has never released an update to their OS without the name making sombody in the world hungry.

Android will be taking the functionality and versatility of both GingerBread and HoneyComb and combining them together with the new 4.0, Ice Cream! The plan is to develop Ice Cream to the point that even now as apps are being specifically developed onto the HoneyComb Tablet O.S., 4.0 will be able to run HoneyComb Apps on mobile devices like smart phones.

Hope everyone is surviving through the torture of finals
Enjoy this dancing Android

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remember that time...

Ever have one of those conversations with close friends?

Remember that time we...

Hey, what about when...

Dude, we should have never...

These are usually reminiscings of the greatest moments in life you have shared with good friends.

I'm interested in hearing some of the stories my fellow bloggers have to tell. What are some of the greatest memories you all have had with your friends?

If this was me, I would remember it forever:


Technology in today's world is advancing, the hard part is that we are not talking about advancing in years anymore. No, today we have new developments and updates coming monthly, weekly, sometimes daily. We are all more interconnected than ever before.
I am a Computer Programmer in school, possibly looking into a career someday in Cyber-Security, perhaps in the NSA, maybe in a private company. I find the topic itself to be fascinating.

In case some of you are wondering:

Cybersecurity is the protection of all things Internet -- from the networks themselves to the information stored in computer databases and other applications. The concept grew out of necessity as businesses and agencies sent more data and processes online, and it's even more crucial now with the emergence of Web 2.0 technologies, which foster online collaboration and information sharing.

What I like most about the it in general I believe, is that those who are the best at preventing cyber attacks, are the ones who can perform them

Tulsa World
April 26, 2011

NSA Director: Defense Not Enough In Cyber Security

By Robert Evatt, World Staff Writer

Gen. Keith B. Alexander, commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, director of the National Security Agency and chief of the Central Security Service, says at least 5,000 new bits of malicious code show up on the Internet every day.

Alexander, who spoke Monday at the University of Tulsa, said these constant new threats mean that simply throwing up a computer firewall and fixing things when they break isn't good enough.

"We can no longer depend on a static defense," he said.

And it's not just individual computers or companies that could be vulnerable. Alexander noted that as utilities such as electricity and water systems grow increasingly computerized and interconnected, they too could be brought down by a cyber attack.

Already some utilities have experienced outages because of computerization. Alexander pointed out that the electric grid in the Northeast went down in 2003 because of software anomalies, and the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric dam in Russia suffered a catastrophic turbine failure in 2009 that killed 75 people because its stability software was down.

Alexander said protecting U.S. infrastructure is a priority, though the fragmented nature of the various technologies used by different utility companies make the effort challenging.

"If we only protect the military networks and not the infrastructure, then we'll have a great network that won't be able to talk to anyone," he said.

Worries about civil liberties often come up in discussions about computer security, and Alexander said he and his team are concerned about it, too. He added that the NSA "doesn't go through people's emails."

"We're not asking for one over the other; we should have both civil liberties and protection," he said. "As Americans, we should demand it."

Alexander said his agency's cyber activities are both defensive and offensive in nature, though he said he could not elaborate on particular offensive operations. He did note that the rules of computerized warfare are still being determined, such as what happens when an attack is routed through a hostile nation, a neutral country or the United States itself.

"These are issues we have to work our way through, because the laws and boundaries aren't clear," he said.

Some of those working in computerized defense under Alexander are graduates of TU, which he called a leader in the cyber security field.

"When I talk to people at the NSA, they have great things to say about the University of Tulsa," Alexander said.

In any case, just wanted to share this article with everyone and hopefully open a few eyes. A standard firewall is child's play for any driven cracker.

If some of you are wondering why I used the term "cracker", it is due to a very big difference in the online culture. Hacker has been passed around the media to now be seen as a derogatory term for an online criminal. These persons who commit crimes and break through the privacy of others are not hackers, but CRACKERS. HACKERS are those who when doing secruity assurance or vulnerability testing, do so only to reinforce new standards and security measures.

Simply, Hackers are good, Crackers are bad. Hackers wish to (this is generally) respect others by showing them their weaknesses and encouraging them to learn the ways of cyberlife on their own, crackers are the ones who commit crimes and purposes are to disrupt daily life of individuals and companies. They hide behind messages of "Freedom", but Crackers are nothing in reality but wasted talent.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poker Night = SUCCESS!

Alright everyone, with finals nearing and the graduation of good friends, tonight was the last of our weekly Poker Nights.
We had a lot of laughs, and even a few good spirits. Sad to think it will be a long time until we all get together like this again, but the memories made have been glorious indeed, filled with much laughter
Hope your evenings have been as pleasant, and again, thank you all for all of your support (see image below!)
I leave you now with this short video:

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Dreams & Aspirations

Good Morning to all my fellow bloggers. Yesterday as some of you know The Delfuegos (MY dodgeball team) lost our last and worst game of the season. Well, the dream I had last night was anything but EPIC.
I have to say, it was like the awesomeness of Space Jam, except with DODGEBALL, and sadly no Bugs Bunny :/

My team and I were in like the World Dodgeball Championships!

We had worked so hard to get here, faced teams from all over, Mexico, Japan, Greenland, even.... CANADA!
It had all come down to this. We were facing some kind of Hungarian team, and these guys were bad. Pretty much every team that had played was now in the Hospital. The match was called to begin; we rushed in to try and take an early lead....
Lost 4 members in 2.5 seconds

It was all up to Nick and I now....
The pressure was on as we stared across the court at our foes..

I dodged left, he ducked right, we gain possession of a ball, we throw!

Nick is OUT!

The Hungarians begin to move forward, every member of the team ready to celebrate victory....

I dodge once, twice, jumped a third, catch one, back comes Trevor!
Trevor saves once, Chris is back in!

It's 3 on 4, we knock out the big guy.

Big guy gets mad so they lose a member for technical!

3 on 2, I catch another, Nick (our best player) returns!

We aim as a team.... Throw as a team..... we WIN AS A TEAM!

This has certainly been one of the greatest nights rest I've had in a long time.

Until next time, my enemigos, time for me to get some Brawndo!

Monday, April 25, 2011


So my fellow bloggers, thank you all for the luck wishing of the dodgeball game, however... The Delfuegos suffered our last (and sadly swiftest) loss of the Season. All ending with the Captain (ME) Being the last man standing and getting nailed in the face after already being knocked out; see photo below:
But the night wasn't complete loss; A fellow teammate offered to drive to town and we went to Celebrate (Drown our sorrow) with Taco Bell! And for those of you who may not remember my outlook on fastfood restaraunts, look back a few posts. Nothing like ordering a few tacos and having some bug-eyed woman stare at you the entire time :/
I also stopped by my friendly neighborhood Barnes & Noble to pick up a book called "The Wise Man's Fear" by Patrick Rothfuss, who happens to be my favorite Author of all time after having written "The Name of the Wind".

I leave you now with this short but amusing video. Remember to vote, the poll ends Wednesday Night!

To all my fellow friends and enemigos, keep on bloggin'

Allah is STILL Sad

Yes, my followers, it is STILL raining! 4 day's straight now and no clear end in sight :/ . I am close to currently finishing my final project for Visual Basic class, and am nearing completion upon my first Database, so this time around it would seem Finals week will not be so stressful for myself!
In any event, in a few short hours my team shall be facing the hardest challenge to date in our college careers.... THE DODGEBALL PLAYOFFS! We are more than expected to lose against our enemies of Team Tanner. The last few games have seen some tough times for us (The DELFUEGOS!) and we have not come out near as well as we would have liked, but after last weeks Epic Victory we have hopes of making it to the Championship Round! Wish us luck, I leave you now with this short video of a young player being absolutely OWNED:

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

When it rains, Allah is sad

Hope everyone has had a good Easter. It continues to rain here just as it has the last 2 days, and all the weather is really starting to BLEH my attitude. For your amusement, below I have posted a video a few friends showed me recently.

Domestic Abuse may = Funny Videos, but it is NOT ALRIGHT

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Nothing Ever Changed

... I just got back in tonight, it's storming absolutely crazy (some of you might have heard about that crazy Tornado that wrecked up St Louis Lambert Airport, if not, check out some of the photos below). I'm sure some of you have, but have you ever noticed how you can be away from close friends for months or even years, then pick back up like not a single thing has changed, as if no time at all has passed? It's quite amazing.

Two good friends of mine recently got an apartment together, soon to be married, and since I happened to be home from college and visiting with another friend, we made a short happy jaunt over to catch up. 6 Hours of stories, laughs, and friendships rekindled. It's been great night, and as long as that dead guy in the minivan doesn't show up, things are looking positive.

Images from Lambert Airport post-Tornado: