Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Remember My Name

Alright everyone, this is a short post about my favorite song of all time. A friend of mine years ago turned me onto a band called Fort Minor.

Fort Minor is a hip hop collaboration between Mike Shinoda, Ryan Patrick Maginn (Ryu), and Takbir Bashir (Tak) who together form the underground hip hop group Styles of Beyond.

Fort Minor is a Hip Hop side project of Mike Shinoda, who as some of you may or may not know, is one of the members of the famed band Linkin Park.

Fort Minor has many large names involved around it's one and only album to date, The Rising Tide Jaz-Z himself was the executive producer. Fort Minor has even collaborated on songs with the rap sensation Eminem.

There are many fantastic tracks on this album, my all time favorite being "Remember The Name". When I was very young, I first saw the Highlight Reel video below which impressed me in how so many ordinary people were performing so many amazing tricks. The song itself is full of inspiration for myself, while it might be hard to understand based on some of the lyrics, the song always makes me think of what I want to be remembered for, what I want my story in life to be, and how I want to live
Here is the Official Video for Remember The Name:

The song Remember The Name was used in promotional TV trailers for the 2006 movie Gridiron Gang, as well as the trailer for the remake of the movie The Karate Kid (2010). Here is Remember The Name Highlight Reel video which is what first grabbed my attention at about the ago of 12:

If you like Remember The Name I also recommend the historic Kenji:

and High Road:


  1. yep i remember that from the karate kid trailer. good post!

  2. I always liked this song. Good recommendations, too!

  3. Looks like major crap with even major crap integrants. Enjoy your listening.

  4. Admittedly not a fan of this band, still very informative and a good postq

  5. Yes, I can understand not everyone is a fan. That's the beauty of blogging, so many different individuals

  6. Lol seriously though, delete maquina's post. Why keep something THAT negative? Being disrespectful and disagreeing are totally different things. I do like myself some Fort Minor occasionally, it's a mood thing. I like em.

  7. @D4, I considered it, but for some reason I've got this view of letting everyone have their own opinion (within reasons) and by not deleting it, Maquina looks like a total douche. Plus a little debate is nice sometimes. I thought for about an hour on this one event, but in the end, chose this path. However if someone will second your motion to remove Maquina's post, I shall certainly remove it forthwith :)