Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dreams & Aspirations

Good Morning to all my fellow bloggers. Yesterday as some of you know The Delfuegos (MY dodgeball team) lost our last and worst game of the season. Well, the dream I had last night was anything but EPIC.
I have to say, it was like the awesomeness of Space Jam, except with DODGEBALL, and sadly no Bugs Bunny :/

My team and I were in like the World Dodgeball Championships!

We had worked so hard to get here, faced teams from all over, Mexico, Japan, Greenland, even.... CANADA!
It had all come down to this. We were facing some kind of Hungarian team, and these guys were bad. Pretty much every team that had played was now in the Hospital. The match was called to begin; we rushed in to try and take an early lead....
Lost 4 members in 2.5 seconds

It was all up to Nick and I now....
The pressure was on as we stared across the court at our foes..

I dodged left, he ducked right, we gain possession of a ball, we throw!

Nick is OUT!

The Hungarians begin to move forward, every member of the team ready to celebrate victory....

I dodge once, twice, jumped a third, catch one, back comes Trevor!
Trevor saves once, Chris is back in!

It's 3 on 4, we knock out the big guy.

Big guy gets mad so they lose a member for technical!

3 on 2, I catch another, Nick (our best player) returns!

We aim as a team.... Throw as a team..... we WIN AS A TEAM!

This has certainly been one of the greatest nights rest I've had in a long time.

Until next time, my enemigos, time for me to get some Brawndo!


  1. Idiocracy is a great movie! (where Brawndo is from)

  2. i love your blog all in all, thanks for the smile that your past blog post gave to me.

  3. i know the disappointment of losing, especially when it's a team sport, but of course keep your head up because there's always next time, and good luck

  4. look at the guy in the first picture... I mean... HOW MUCH WIN IS HE?

  5. I love those dreams. You sounded like a sports commentator, hehe

  6. i never saw space jam...that was bugs bunny right?

  7. Nice dream, I love good dreams.

  8. You used to be able to get Brawndo, but as far as I can tell it's discontinued now. :(