Saturday, April 16, 2011

You Know What I Hate

People in STATIONWAGONS who PEEL OUT in the parking lot and THINK THEY ARE COOL. Come on, Seriously? You think just because you wear mirrored Aviators Glasses that it makes up for your P.O.S. Station Wagon? If I EVER see you again sir, I WILL shove whatever I just purchased for lunch, and shove it up your TAILPIPE.

On a side not, I'm looking for requests for my next serious blog post. I have done The Legend of Oak Island and The Nazca Lines. I'm looking to continue this new theme and was wondering if any kind gents had suggestions/requests?

Thank you, and as always, Keep on Boxing!



  1. love your blog + design!


  2. Thanks Endless, and appreciate it Hype.Planet. Haven't been on in awhile and decided to try a new setup lol

  3. Well that's a good thing. Keep it up! :)