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New Oak Island Developments!!!

Ok, for those of you few who have been following me for awhile, you might remember the post I did about the Oak Island Mystery. Well.... A new outlook has come forward!

(If interested, scroll back through my posts and read the original Oak Island post)

Just when you thought the mysterious and elusive Oak Island treasure hunt had died down, a fresh new perspective on the mystery could overturn the entire context of the hunt and lead us in a completely different direction.

First Nations Researcher Keith Ranville has come up with a very distinctive and interesting interpretation of the Oak Island etchings which differ significantly from the existing interpretations due to his Native Heritage (Canadian) background.
What appeals about this new interpretation is that while the old interpretation, "Forty Feet below two million pounds are buried," relies too much on alphabet mappings, his are based on symbolism directly and provide a more reasonable and logical interpretation of the etchings. According to Keith, the etchings actually point to an island two islands east of Oak Island itself, called Birch Island.
As can be seen, a triangle occupies a majority of the northern part of the island. His interpretation is that the triangle, the very first symbol of the inscription, makes a reference to Birch Island, while the rest of the symbols are engineering instructions. A tunnel may lead from the bottom of the money pit, where the stone tablet was found, but then points towards the right-angled part of the triangle at Birch Island, giving the entire setup an even greater complexity than had been attributed to it earlier. The translation is:
Triangles, two angles,divides, south/north,at triangles right angles,two doors left of triangle,two doors right of triangle,upper,two,tunnels,divides,doors,triangles,doors,divides,upper/lower,three,tunnels.


Revised Translation
Triangles (second triangle) Divides south/north at right angles of triangles (two at the left angle)( two at the right angle of the triangle) upper two (openings) Divides doors, Triangle Divides Doors upper/lower three (openings. opening) three divides into (East/West) Divides to into Shafts In one south/north Two upper to south/north third, second Shafts.

These instructions point to what may not be a treasure at all, but an item or items of great heritage and historical value which would interest everyone. In fact, assuming that it old artefacts are buried there would make it all-the-more interesting, as someone had obviously gone through great lengths to hide it and keep people away from discovering the real location.

In addition, regarding the Skull Stone etching found on Oak Island, this was produced by Keith. Possibly confirming the role of pirates in this mystery?

What could be hidden there? We can only know if another expedition takes place to the area. This may be in sight as well, as he has received a letter of recommendation from the Dalhousie University in support of his research.
According to Keith, the top two symbols confirm the money pit symbols as genuine and go a huge way to authenticate their existence. In essence, the four Smith's Cove stone symbols read 'Four Underwater Doors Inside,' that may be somewhere inside Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. These symbols are also clues towards information regarding the people responsible for this advanced set-up in Mahone Bay, who had an understanding of ancient writing and ancient building. It's quite possible that the people's records are in Birch Island.

The most mystifying clue awaited the workers at the ninety foot level. Here, just before hitting another oak platform, they unearthed a large flat stone on which was engraved a strange inscription that none of them could decipher.

The story or this stone and it eventual fate is one of the many frustrating footnotes to the Oak Island Mystery. More likely a stone with some sort of markings was found, for it is mention in all the early accounts of the Onslow Company's operations, and was reportedly seen by hundreds of persons before its disappearance in 1919. For many years the stone was used by John Smith as a curio piece set into his fire place of his home on Oak Island. There it was examined by many members of later search groups, including A.O Creighton who was partners in the Halifax bookbinding firm of A.H Creighton. In 1865, while he was treasurer of an Oak Island search syndicate Creighton brought the stone to Halifax, where it was displayed at his shop to attract prospective investors in the Oak island project.

The mystery continues to deepend, perhaps in the coming years we shall see the truth behind this mystery.

Again, to truly appreciate all of this, check my first post about Oak Island, and then this one.

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