Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why High School Sucked

So I was sitting in Database Management class today and was bored out of my mind when I started thinking, why did High School suck so much compared to college? Here is a list I came up:
- Cafeteria Food
- Learning Cursive when we NEVER USE IT in College
- Coach's playing favorites
- Freshman NEVER wearing Deodarant
- Parents
- That weird kid
- No Nap Time
- Pretenders
- Kissing Got You Detention

This is short, but I want to hear, what is your take on this? What makes college better than high school vice versa high school worse than college?


  1. Look at it like I do, school is actually a political system. High School is an far right conservative state, where as college is a far left liberal state.

    High school can be seen as a prison setting. You move like a tool. You are ANOTHER NUMBER. Oh and unknown to your knowledge you're looked at because of your sex and your ethnicity. Both Private and Public schools.

    Colleges also look at ethnicity, but not as secretly as public high schools.

    To wrap this all up, high school (refering to public) Is a prison which can be summed up as ran by "the man" and you're to follow their rules or be punish however they see fit.

    Also, if you go to a small school. Inner school politics can be ran by families, religious beliefs and personal agenda.

    High School doesn't matter in any way. Since 7-8th grade you learn all your going to know about common knowledge. Everything else such as physics and chemistry is a higher form of learn which a small fraction actually takes. Normally the normal high school kid at a public high school with lacking AP classes takes more PE classes than how many women Bill Clintons porked in his life.

    That's all.

  2. I think the biggest difference is that most people live with their parents in high school and have their own place in college. That probably made the biggest difference to me.

  3. As I was reading these comments, I was thinking (This guy really put a lot of thought into this... Oh wait, its JAMES! lol) But still very good points. Raw I believe you are also correct. Living on your own makes you mature faster to survive.

  4. You don't learn anything in high school. You have shitty teachers who think they're awesome when they're really dumb and principals are cops with degrees.

  5. I'm in high school, and I completely agree. It sucks.

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