Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Power of JuJu

Almost everyone argues about whether luck (good or bad) is real. What about Karma? Well, back in High School we on the baseball team had what we called "JuJu". Now there are 3 rules with JuJu:

1. Do not question JuJu
2. JuJu is nontransferrable
3. JuJu does not exist.

In short, do you belive any of this exists? Does questioning an event change the outcome? (i.e. A pitcher having a perfect game, and right before the last batter, someone says this fact out loud, next up, the batter nails a homerun!) Is luck real, or just a connection of attitude and events coinciding in a persons favor?


  1. I sort of believe you make your own luck. For example your not just gonna get rich sitting on your ass you've got to actually do something. So like if you have a 20% chance of succeding at something even if you fail 80 times the 81st your gonna get it. Taking risk and never giving up beats luck in my opinion.

  2. Karma is simply cause and effect so yes, I believe in karma.

  3. What about luck? Is that different from Karma?