Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paintball. A Lifestyle.

I AM A PAINTBALLER. I love everything about the sport; the action, the fun, and the people. When not blogging (I do have a real life lol) I spend many hours training and practicing for upcoming battles this season. When you travel to compete you meet many amazing people who share your passion for this amazing sport. Though you may be sworn enemies on the battlefield, you soon may be great friends after. I found this video that I really liked. The video in my opinion displays the chill attitude and adrenaline pumping battle scenes involved in paintball.

Also, I have NO CLUE why the one dude has a box on his head.


  1. Paint balling is definitely loads of fun :) supporting

  2. The paintball community is just awesome.
    I worked in a paintball shop, i discovered this world, its alot of fun...and $$$, to expensive for me :(

  3. I haven't gone paint balling in years... I miss that X_X

  4. @LifeHax, Agreed, it is expensive (Especially for a college student) but sometimes you gotta make due lol. I'm certainly not the best, but I love it.

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  6. Lots of fun times with friends in this great sport.